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Saturday, April 9, 2016

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10 symptoms of diabetes

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Diabetes, the silent killer, happens quite popular but many people do not know they are infected. Here are some symptoms to help you detect the disease early in order to have timely treatment solutions. 

Regularly to the bathroom at night who were sick to go to the bathroom several times to get rid of waste amounts of blood glucose by the kidney weak, often occur many times during the night. Or was thirsty you feel thirsty than usual because your body needs water added. Two symptoms are associated with each other and we must have a reasonable diet to regulate blood sugar levels.Losing weight too quickly if a drop 10-20 pounds in only 2 or 3 months. It's unhealthy weight loss, possibly due to high blood sugar levels, because the hormone insulin does not get glucose into cells to provide energy and protein in muscle is destroyed as a source of alternative energy. The kidneys also have to work harder to remove excess sugars, making extra calories. Or feel hungry when your blood sugar drops, the body of patients "misunderstood" is hungry and needs to add sugar to cells work dynamic. the symptoms on the skin itchy and dry skin can also be a warning sign of diabetes, especially in enclosed areas such as the skin of the neck or armpits. Collazo-Clavell Ph.D., explains in these people usually have a course of insulin resistance occurs even when blood sugar levels are not high. When you see this sign, you should check your blood sugar. Wounds heal slowly infection, bleeding or wound healing bruises were long. It is caused by damaged blood vessels because too much sugar flowing through veins and arteries, making it harder for blood circulation to other parts of the body to heal wounds. Yeast infections Collazo-Clavell Dr explain , diabetes is a state of immunosuppression should be very sensitive to infections, most commonly yeast (candida), because the fungus thrives in environments much sugar. In particular, women susceptible to vaginal candidiasis. Feeling tired and uncomfortable high blood sugar, over time, it makes a person feel tired and irritable patients. Reduced vision Amount high sugar alters the shape of the eye lens refraction leads to change, impair vision, visual images are distorted, sometimes see the light flashing. When blood sugar levels back to normal, symptoms are gone, but if it happens for a long time, the eyes will be permanent damage, even blindness can be. Tingling or numbness Legs and hands itch out, numbness, burning or swelling, due to damaged nerves. If high blood sugar levels for long periods can cause the nerves permanently compromised. So we have to control blood sugar levels as quickly as possible. Tip: Take a regular blood tests to check blood test diabetes, not just once, but should be done regularly, sign. Check fasting glucose, overnight (or eight hours) without eating. If blood sugar levels are measured two times in the 126 mg / dL means you have diabetes. With normal blood glucose level of 99 mg / dL, from 100-125 mg / dL as prediabetes.


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