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Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Diabetes complications, the most dangerous?

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Along with economic development, sedentary lifestyle, inappropriate nutrition is the cause of diabetes rate increased now. Diabetes is considered a silent killer disease with deadly complications. So diabetes complications most damaging?

Like HIV or cancer patients, the risk of diabetes causing harm to patients can not clearly and immediately that sense of "dull", to detect symptoms when it was too late. The cause serious consequences for the patient is diabetic complications such as vision loss; cataracts; infection, necrosis; cardiovascular disease, blood fat; dental complications; kidney disease ... In particular, cardiovascular complications and coronary stenosis biggest hazard for people with diabetes.

Why hazardous diabetic complications especially cardiovascular disease?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder, chronic sugar, raise blood sugar effects after prolonged metabolic disorders including fat, blood coagulation disorders, atherosclerosis, hypertension ... Many statistics shows that approximately 80% of patients were diabetic atherosclerosis, this rate is only 30% if patients without diabetes. Depending on the location of the blood vessels are damaged, they see a number of different cardiovascular diseases.

Diabetic patients with coronary stenosis or occlusion 3 times more ordinary people. There are more than 75% of diabetic patients hospitalized for complications related to diabetes, heart disease and coronary artery stenosis. Damage to the artery that feeds the heart will cause myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction, heart failure and sudden death.

Cardiovascular symptoms of diabetic complications turned out?

Here is one of the common symptoms of heart disease that people suffer from diabetes, although this may be different in each person.
Pain in the chest
Shortness of breath
Irregular heartbeat
Swollen ankles
To assess your risk, it is necessary to have a EKG (electrocardiogram). Especially, ones need to learn how to care for diabetic patients to avoid harm to the patient encounter.


Acute diseases are angina makes patients with angina pectoris after the third paragraph under the breastbone, initially pain on exertion, after a period of pain at rest, pain while ascending, pain as chest compressions, pain sweating, pain in the jaw and hands, mouthing coronary vasodilator is less pain.

Heart attack

A heart attack is usually caused by a clot blocking blood supply to the heart. The symptoms of a heart attack include a strong pain or tightness in the center of the chest, lack of breath, coughing and a strong feeling of anxiety.

Diabetic complications, myocardial infarction leads to stroke
If you, or someone with diabetes have cardiovascular risk was attacked immediately call 115 for emergency medical help.

How to prevent cardiovascular complications of diabetes

To prevent cardiovascular disease, some factors to keep in mind include:

- We should eat natural foods and avoid close down processed foods, soft drinks. Eat just enough to eat and reducing starches. Eat more vegetables and fish or tofu. The fruits low in sugar should eat include apples, pears, grapefruit.

The types of apple, pear, grapefruit best to treat diabetes and reduce cardiovascular complications
- Weight control.

- No smoking, alcoholic drinks contain stimulants like alcohol, beer, cigarettes, coffee ...

- Exercise each day about 30-40 minutes.

- Especially regular doctor to control blood sugar levels is also essential in the prevention and treatment. With studies showing that reducing HbA1c by 1% reduction in the risk of heart failure by 16% in people with type 2 diabetes HnA1c method accurate blood glucose test is based on the average blood glucose level in 3 month.

Thus, the need to seek medical care for their periodic have diabetes or not, from which treatment regimens to avoid promptly dangerous diabetic complications such as cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease.


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