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Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Type 2 diabetes can not be cured?

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Those over the age of 40 tend to have diabetes type 2. This is one kind of diabetes occurs when blood sugar levels rise to a higher level of average. Then type 2 diabetes can not be cured?

Type 2 diabetes can be treated in 3 steps

Type 2 diabetes is more common diabetes type 1 diabetes type 2 can be treated as long as patients follow a 3 step system.

This system will make for patients with blood glucose levels return to normal, weight loss, better awareness of health and do not need additional external insulin. Approach 3-step system includes a balanced diet of natural foods, exercise regularly and perform stretching techniques, relaxation, breathing techniques and breath conditioning. All this is extremely essential to have a good health and complete treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Step 1: Use natural foods without sugar and artificial sweeteners.

These foods include vegetables and fruits. The fruits like mango with natural sugar is not harmful to health.

Step 2: 
Another way to treat type 2 diabetes using natural supplements like Melabic completely. This substance alpha-lipoic acid helps metabolize glucose into energy by 50%. Then reduce the need of insulin the body produces. It also reduces the production of chemicals HbA1c - a chemical formed if the road is long associated with blood cells.

There are several vitamins and minerals necessary to have to help treat type 2 diabetes, including chromium, biotin and zinc. Chromium helps handle blood sugar and enhance liver enzyme biotin to be able to use glucose. Zinc helps the body produces and uses insulin and protect insulin-producing cells.

Cinnamon and curry grass should be used for patients with type 2 diabetes can reduce glucose Cinnamon 29%, reducing overall cholesterol by 26%, 27% lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides fell 30% fat. Curry grass also reduces glucose and cholesterol.

Step 3: 
Exercise is good for diabetics because it enhances the body's use of insulin and burns fat improves insulin sensitivity.


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