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Sunday, July 19, 2015

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The serious complications of diabetes

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Diabetes is one of the current condition is quite common and has the fastest growth rate. This is a chronic disease if not treated well will lead to dangerous complications reduce the quality of life and life-threatening human diseases. The consequences of these complications can cause disability and death for patients suffering from.

Some complications frequently encountered

1. Nerve damage

Because blood sugar is too high, hurting small blood vessels feeding the nerves. Patients may be peripheral nerve damage, alter sensation, decreased sensation, numbness or tingling, muscle weakness. These signs often occur in the feet so the feet vulnerability could cause ulcers infection, gangrene and amputation right to preserve life.

2. Damage to the kidneys

Because blood sugar levels are higher hurtful IC millions in renal impairment leading to important functions filtering, excreted by the kidneys, more severe can lead to irreversible renal failure.

3. Eye Damage

The small blood vessels in the retina easily congested, broken inside the eye causing damage leading to retinal pathologies. On the other hand, diabetes can also cause cataracts, glaucoma, blindness.

4. Heart disease and vascular

Cardiovascular complications in patients with diabetes is extremely dangerous and very common. Patients are prone to high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke causes paralysis or death. According to the statistics show that 65% of mortality in diabetes is caused by a stroke.

5. Infection

Diabetics are also very prone to infection and can become infected at any typical parts such as teeth, gums, skin infections caused boils, fungus, bladder, urinary tract infections, kidney ...
Complications of diabetes actually very dangerous but we can absolutely minimize and prevent complications if good control of blood sugar levels.

Safety Solutions and prevent complications

Currently, the number of people suffering from diabetes and increasing cause horrible complications are a burden in treatment.

In addition to measures to control diet, exercise and medication, then Western medicine tends to use the herb in traditional medicine to treat diabetes is increasingly interested.

Especially, Gymnema Sylvestre - a rare herb that is assessed by hundreds of researchers around the world for good hypoglycemic effect, safe and stable blood sugar, no side effects have been long lasting Scientists Hanoi University of Pharmacy and Research found in Vietnam. This really is an optimal solution to reliably prevent complications for diabetics.

To live happy and confident with diabetes, patients take control said stabilizing blood sugar levels in their blood at safe levels. It is often necessary and can say the most important principle in the treatment of disease. So you make your choice for a truly secure solution lasting effect for a healthy life.


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