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Friday, July 17, 2015

Expression What is diabetes? Is there no cure?

7:45 AM

Manifestations of diabetes is that the body can not process sugar normally. The question is "Is it possible to cure diabetes or not?". Here is the answer satisfactory to you.

Cause Diabetes

Expression What is diabetes? Is there no cure?
When we eat or drink, pancreas produce a hormone called insulin. Insulin is released into the blood and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a disease in which the process is not working properly.

  • No insulin is produced, usually known as type 1 diabetes and require patients to use insulin.
  • Insulin is produced, but the body becomes resistant to insulin makes the insulin ineffective. This phenomenon is commonly known as type 2 diabetes and are becoming increasingly popular.

The problem is that although diabetes intermittent life threatening but the long-term effects of high blood sugar levels can harm the health of the patient. Diabetes if not controlled and high blood sugar levels for long periods can cause problems for parts of the body such as the kidneys, eyes, nerves and heart. This may sound very harsh but glycemic control with a combination of home remedies and procedures alternative healthcare, diet and exercise will bring a big effect.

Manifestations of diabetes

The easiest way to see if you have diabetes or not is because doctors check the blood glucose. A small blood sample obtained by extracting from the finger to be used for testing. Normal blood sugar levels are between 72 to 126 mg / dl. Diabetes is diagnosed when the body can not afford to keep blood sugar levels within limits.

Some people may have diabetes for several months or even years without realizing that they were suffering from the disease. Diagnosis of diabetes can appear suddenly during periodic inspection but it usually occurs after the patient has the symptoms of the disease

Expression What is diabetes? Is there no cure?

Here are some manifestations of diabetes you should pay attention:

No symptoms. You Do not misheard. Many people do not encounter any differences in sensation and gasped when they know that you have diabetes. Whether you feel healthy or not has to perform diagnostic tests.
Constantly thirsty. You can drink the water and then drinking water but still feel thirsty! The problem becomes worse before diabetes is diagnosed if patients drink too many sodas. Freshwater makes blood sugar levels rise further and lead to excessive thirst.
Urinating too much. Patients need to urinate frequently and in large amounts each time. Being awake while asleep about 2 to 3 times each night is very common phenomenon. This may cause discomfort for many people. High blood sugar levels released into the urine. This leads to dehydration of the body and makes patients feel thirsty and urinate many times again.
Weight loss. The body's main fuel is glucose. Patients with diabetes can not use glucose appropriately should it be released into the urine and out of the body. Lack of fuel means the body's cells can not produce energy. The result is weight loss.

Additionally, other symptoms include constipation, lack of energy, tingling or tickling like tingling in hands and feet, blurred vision and infection.

Is it possible to cure diabetes or not?

With treatment regimen proven scientific fact treatment, male An Pharmacy Pharmacies proud treat the disease effectively, safely Inco male Title Thirst Elevator remedies.

Treatment regimen of diabetes:

1. Patients strict adherence follow diet menu that pharmacy given in the time taken from 1 to 2 months.

2. Diabetics workout that drugstore Pharmacy An everyday guide to effective treatment. Implementation period from 1 to 2 months.

3. Use the ladder medicinal (Be specific instructions each case). Last medicinal help patients stabilize blood sugar and prevent complications, and helps excrete toxins in the pancreas, providing additional nutrients to help the pancreas pancreas recovered and working again normal.


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