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Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Alcohol beneficial for women with Type 2 diabetes - Do you believe?

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Documents in medical journals show that alcohol may reduce the risk of complications for women with diabetes type 2. A small amount of alcohol to moderate and improve integrated lifestyle influences pole and bring many benefits to the health of women in the future.

Effects of alcohol on women with type 2 diabetes

The influence of alcohol, with moderate amounts of about 2 drinks a day, can reduce insulin resistance in women with diabetes type 2. In normal circumstances, insulin action in peripheral cells where glucose or sugar waiting to invade. Linked insulin and glucose enters cells. Unfortunately, the kind of type 2 diabetes, insulin is not affiliated with the cells where insulin resistance and glucose can not take place inside. This leads to hyperglycemia and harmful to the body.

Alcohol beneficial to women with diabetes type 2 - Do you believe?
Light wine and beer were shown to have greater benefits than spirits. On the other hand, drinking too little or too much alcohol is considered a factor contributing to this type of diabetes. Heavy drinking is very dangerous because it can lead to adverse effects such as hypoglycemia, inhibition of insulin secretion, pancreatitis, increased incidence of breast cancer, ketoacidosis, cirrhosis, and The most notable is addictive.

The women in menopause have a higher risk of diabetes type 2. They are also at risk for cardiovascular disease. The benefits of alcohol as it can increase good HDL cholesterol, reduce platelet aggregation, and reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction.

Lifestyle Changes

Drinking alcohol is not the only way to reduce the risk of diabetes type 2. There are many different factors that affect the development of the disease. According to the journal the New England Journal of Medicine researchers in the United States, led by Dr. Hu, overweight and obesity is the most important predictor of diabetes. The researchers also said that "lack of exercise, have a poor diet, smoking, and not drinking is associated with increased risk of diabetes significantly." The women were overweight, obese exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet while abstaining from smoking can reduce the risk of diabetes by 50%.

Thus, type 2 diabetes is a serious disease that requires immediate treatment. There are many lifestyle changes for women in order to alleviate some of the symptoms and the whole diabetes. Wines with a moderate amount is first and important step to insulin resistance and even benefit the cardiovascular system. Besides, diet, exercise, and stop the smoke also equally important.


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