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Friday, July 17, 2015

Exercise can completely cure diabetes or not?

7:58 AM

Exercise can cure diabetes or not? This is a very common question that many wonder diabetics. Unfortunately, no method can completely cure diabetes. However, there are ways to control the disease can help patients to live a normal life. The key here is to!

Exercise helps stabilize blood sugar levels

During exercise, muscles absorb glucose for energy. This causes blood glucose levels to decrease. The decrease of glucose concentration creates a natural treatment for diabetes. However, you should note that the exercise is too strong could have the opposite effect to increase blood glucose levels, harmful to diabetics. The key here is to find effective forms of exercise is best for the patient and perform it in moderation is not harmful.

Exercise can completely cure diabetes or not?

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease cure diabetes

Studies have shown that exercise has a positive effect on blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. This significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease can lead to a lot of death in diabetic patients. Therefore, although the practice is not actually cure diabetes, but it can certainly prevent the dangerous symptoms.

Help weight loss for diabetics

Exercise also helps reduce body fat. This is very important for people with type 2 diabetes - is characterized by a reduced insulin sensitivity. Losing weight can increase insulin sensitivity and improve efficiency produce insulin in the body. Many overweight people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes do not suffer the symptoms of diabetes again once they reduce their excess weight number.

Spiritual comfort, feeling healthy

The psychological benefits of exercise are also profoundly affect diabetics. Hormones endorphins are released during exercise creates a feeling of comfort and cheer spirit. This optimism comes with longing to work with a mental state, emotionally and physically much better. Patients began eating better, feeling more excited, more optimistic outlook and quality of life improved more. This does not mean that exercise is a cure diabetes but it certainly describes how strength training can create a brighter period and later in the lives of patients.

Patients with diabetes can get many benefits from the different exercises

The exercise improves cardiovascular health is very ideal for diabetics, including walking, swimming, cycling, jogging ... Walk over any proposed exercises by because it does not require too much effort and can be done for a long time without getting tired. Strength exercise is also good for diabetics because it helps burn fat and build lean muscle, essential for controlling insulin sensitivity. Also, exercises Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Gi gong is also very helpful for diabetics.


For those who are self-posed question: "Does the practice can cure diabetes completely?", The most important thing is to understand that exercise can only help you control the disease. However, the control of the disease can lead to complete elimination of the symptoms of diabetes. This is a little like the radical cure is the disease that anyone can do. If you are diabetic, you should start putting workout routine into your life as soon as possible. Let's start by defining what exercises are best for you and meet your goals safely as possible. Make sure to consult specialist doctor before starting any exercise program yet. Additionally, check blood sugar levels before and after exercise is a must. You need to find a way how to determine the safest time for you to practice and time is not recommended to avoid danger.


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