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Sunday, July 19, 2015

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Nutrition for Diabetics

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Diabetes is a metabolic disorder road, causing chronic hyperglycemia accompanied by lipid metabolism disorders, protid and electrolytes.

Long term consequences of these metabolic disorders are hurt the IC, small vessels and large blood vessels leading to complications such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, retinal hemorrhage, coronary heart disease leading to heart failure, kidney damage, even death. In the treatment of diabetes, which combines physical activity and diet is the most important issue.

The principles of nutrition for diabetics

Ensure enough protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts with a reasonable amount. Divided into small portions to avoid sudden increases blood sugar after meals and hypoglycemia at later meals; limiting metabolic disorders. Maintain your weight at a reasonable level and daily physical activity, consistent with the practice of family dining and simple, convenient, not too expensive.

Demand for energy and nutrients

Diabetics also need energy almost like a normal person. However this demand increase or decrease depending on the age, type of labor, physical fitness and fat ...

Eating right is also good therapy for patients with diabetes
Demand glucide (carbohydrate): In diabetes, blood sugar tends to spike after eating, so the basics of the diet of patients as restrictive glucide. However, it is not reduced too much, ensuring the body is still able to maintain a healthy weight and normal activity. Percentage of energy from glucide should account for 50-60% (normal is 65%) of the total energy of the diet. Should use the complex glucide including rice, potato tubers (should not exceed 70 g / meal). Limiting simple sugars and foods have high sugar content ...

Proteins (protein): protein should reach 0.8 g / kg day for adults. Diets have too much protein is not good for the kidneys, however, need dietary protein is higher than normal and should reach 15% - 20% of dietary energy (normal is 12% - 14% ). Should use a combination of animal protein (meat, fish, eggs, milk ...) with vegetable protein (sesame, beans, peas ...).

Lipids (fats): Ration of people with diabetes need fat to provide energy to compensate for the energy provided by glucide diminished. But also should eat moderately and reduce animal fats are unsaturated fats as prone to atherosclerosis. Eat saturated fatty acids found in vegetable oils such as soybean oil, sesame oil ... The proportion of energy from fat should be 25% of total dietary energy (normal is 18-20%) and should not exceed 30%.

Vitamins and trace elements: Ensure adequate vitamins and trace elements (iron, iodine ...), these components often found in fresh vegetables. Xo- substances should eat foods high in fiber, particularly soluble fiber. Fiber is found in milled rice not thoroughly, vegetable, fruit, ...

Generally, the treatment of diabetes should eat sensibly, exercise movement proper and frequent blood glucose monitoring to maintain blood sugar levels at acceptable levels.


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