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Friday, July 17, 2015

Post or diabetes medication

7:28 AM

Diabetes is considered one of the incurable disease is difficult to treat and the most complex movements bypassed by diabetes causes complications, it is the leading cause of death in most countries. In the treatment of diabetes western medication often causes adverse health affects, in the long run can cause lead to other diseases. That is why we want to introduce to readers of all diabetes medicines has simple but highly effective in the treatment of diabetes treatment.

The men all diabetes drugs just simple efficiency will help people reduce the dosage gradually less dependent on western medicine. The main aim of treatment in patients with diabetes helps stabilize blood sugar and prevent the risk of diabetic complications. In addition to diet and medications with patients can incorporate some diabetes medicine all the following:
The diabetes medicine all simple, safe and effective
Cassava flour porridge
Ingredients include cassava flour 30g, 50g rice. Rice and soak in water, wash rinse cooked into porridge, the cooked cassava flour mixed with water to bring the mixture boil in medium heat. Use in patients with diabetes type II, chronic diarrhea, dry throat thirsty mouth.
Reinforcing local porridge packaging
30g packaging include key locations and exhibits transparent packaging 15g, 15g east circuit, 100g flour vermicelli. Offering excellent 3 medicines and fetch water, bring to this great country cook with the porridge flour vermicelli. For patients drink more thirsty, emaciated depletion and especially all diabetes medicines are safe and effective.
Porridge celery and potato soup
60g fresh celery, rice 50-100g. Bring fresh celery washed with chopped cooked rice into porridge, add some hot spices eaten in the morning and chieu.Hay yam 60g, 30g Statistics. Peel sweet potatoes brought with millet porridge sliced. Eating breakfast helps support the treatment of diabetes is very good.
Water and juice powder green beans, bitter melon
200g green beans, add water and cook ripe, filtered through cloth buckets collecting water for drinking light and dark, each 1 cup. Fruit or bitter melon 1-2, the intestines removed, sliced, cooked terrific water for drinking. Two drugs are used for all cases of diabetes, high fever dehydration, dry mouth, throat thirst.
In addition to applying the articles on diabetes medicines that people can refer to a number of remedies following:
- Drinking roasted brown rice, or rice bran cooking drinking water after treatment of diabetes medication. Rice bran or bran was sifting brown rice are also in effect insulin sensitivity, which helps lower blood sugar faster than normal.
- Use white flowers bloom at night quỳnh (to look for the right type of white flowers bloom at night quỳnh) tea drinking, after drinking with diabetes medicines will help lower your sugar levels quickly.
- Flower label 30g, eat lean meat stew.
- Roots label 30g, pig hearts enough, stew cooked food once a day, eat four consecutive days.
- Leaf labels (picked eastbound) handful. Sac drink on a ladder.
- The roots of banana 30g, smashed juice squeezed. Drink every time a cup.
- Bitter melon 20g. Daily drinking water brake.
- Bitter melon 30g, mushrooms 6-10 female, 30g of lean meat. Eat soup.
- Facial 60g corn. Sac drink on a scale, divided 2-3 drinks per day.
- Chives 20g, 100g clam meat, just enough spice. Cooked, seasoned, very good to eat regularly.
- 20g dried mango leaves. Excellent drink. Because dried mango leaves anthxyanhdin quality hypoglycemic effect prevention of complications in the eyes and blood vessels caused by diabetes.
- Radish 30 - 50g, rice 20g, 10g Ganoderma. Ganoderma brought crushed, wrapped in a cloth bag, before taking water color. This excellent porridge with water. Eat once a day.
- Field 12g, 12g industrious grinding, individualized paint, knit packs, white spirit every taste 10g, 12g ferry disasters flowers. Sac drink on a ladder split 2-3 times / day. If you had more infectious complications impressive 12g superb.
- Birth place, plaster every taste 40g, 16g ocher venture. Sac drink on a scale, divided 2-3 drinks per day.
- Squash (winter through, zucchini): 100g per day of cooked juiced drink regularly.
- 100g fresh zucchini, washed, pressed daily drinking water.
- Vegetables 100g celery, boiled, smashed squeeze water twice / day.
- Fill the death, tabloid stars through powdered tubers each tang decoction drink 9g with transparent packaging. Proper treatment of diabetes.
- Cu grinding 30g, melon 100g, 60g leaf. Water colors on 1 - 2 time.
- Fresh carrot sufficient amount, rinsed, squeezed juice taken daily.
- Flowers white beans 30g, 30g ssen ear fungus, dried, finely pulverized, every day drink 2 - 3 times, each time 3 - 5 g.
- 20 children silkworm pupae, washed eat fried in vegetable oil.


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