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Friday, July 17, 2015

Cure diabetes by diet

7:32 AM

Cure diabetes by diet plays an important role in controlling blood sugar and prevent diabetic complications especially in patients with type 2 diabetes advocacy addition mode reasonable exercise is whether you how food is still not always control blood sugar levels stable before and after eating to avoid increasing or blood sugar drops suddenly be very dangerous.

Cure diabetes by diet

According to the American Diabetes Association, for diabetics to maintain blood sugar levels: Before Meals: 90-130 mg / dl (7.2 mmol 5,0- / l); postprandial 1- 2h: <180 mg / dl (10mmol / l).
To do this, diabetics should eat a balanced diet, punctual, avoid skipping meals, in addition to splitting a meal, can eat 4 meals one day, do not eat too full, or too hungry. Structure meal should also remain stable rather than abrupt change. This does not mean that a poor diet which should have varied diet.

Diet for Diabetics

Diabetes experts recommend 1 diet for diabetics as follows:

- Addition of starch from breads, crackers, pasta, rice, semolina, potatoes, flour, beans, legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas, split peas, lentils ) more rice dishes.
- Vegetables and fruits: Vegetables and fruits are good sources of fiber, minerals, and natural vitamins are abundant. At the same time, these are the foods antioxidant levels and high phytochemical compounds that help boost the immune system of the body. Some vegetables such as kale, mustard greens, oranges, lemons, radishes, broccoli, radishes, spinach, grapefruit, strawberries and blueberries Vietnamese fruit are ideal foods for diabetics . These foods have carbohydrates and low in calories. So people with diabetes should avoid starchy vegetables or many carbohydrate foods such as potatoes and corn.
- Additional sources of protein, the body's natural protein by eating fish, meat and poultry are best eaten at least 2 times a week. Fish, especially marine fish containing omega -3 levels are relatively high, which is necessary for patients with diabetes, reducing the risk of colon cancer often occurs with diabetics
- The healthy fat for diabetics fat is monounsaturated fat were classified as not harmful to health, also called fat "healthy". Fats are effective in reducing bad cholesterol. Patients with diabetes are more likely to have heart disease and high cholesterol, so foods containing monounsaturated fats are extremely important. The foods with healthy fats include almonds, peanuts, pecans, sesame seeds, olives, olive oil, avocados and canola oil.
- The food steamed, or baked in foil are encouraged instead of fries
- The fast food, smoked food should not be used for patients with diabetes because it contains high lipid content.
- It is necessary to drink plenty of water, at least about 1 liter of water / 1 day. If you must engage in activities that sweat exuded much need to drink extra liquids to replace fluids lost
- Coffee, tea, herbal tea without sugar can be used with diabetic patients.
- Lemon juice, the juice of the fruit is not very good for added sugar for diabetics.
Reasonable diet and physically active not only good in curing diabetes treatment but also contribute to prevention of diabetes in healthy people.


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