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Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Five methods to help control diabetes

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Here are 5 methods of controlling diabetes. These methods specifically for patients with diabetes as an adult or have diabetes type 2. Even other people who have diabetes may also apply. Scientific studies have shown that these natural treatments can do reverse prediabetes.

The method helps to control diabetes

1. Exercise more often

These exercises strengthen the respiration rate and heart rate reduces risk of type 2 diabetes Exercise brings significant benefits to the people who suffer this condition. It can reduce blood glucose levels, improve insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular improvement. Diabetics are also at increased risk to cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the practice of strengthening exercises to build strength and muscle in the body fat loss, as long as you can set them correctly.

2. Avoid certain foods also helps control measures for diabetes

Although all types of carbohydrates are affecting blood sugar levels but in which some kind of carbs cause more harm than others. Carbohydrates have been processed or refined is digested too quickly causing a sudden change in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Those who are concerned about their long-term health should avoid simple carbohydrates because this carb eating can cause substances produced AGEs. AGEs cause of wrinkles contributes to disease-dai-dreaming An aging and make cells in the body.

3. Check the level of carbohydrate to affect blood sugar levels

If you have been advised to check their blood sugar levels, one of the time needed to check the after eating carbohydrates. If you do not know these foods are carbohydrates, you should get help from a dietician. Many doctors often give patients with diabetes to see a nutritionist but also doctors who do not do this.

>> Refer to diabetes complications you have the knowledge to prevent and treat the disease in time

4. Reduced body fat

Carbohydrates are not the only problem. In fact, good carbs are essential for a healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains is beneficial to health. Although some fats are also good for your health but others should be limited. If your doctor that you have made certain types of heart disease, your doctor will propose the absorption of fat less than 20% of total calories.

Reduce body fat improves insulin sensitivity. Hinder fat receptor that helps cells recognize insulin and glucose-zo sucked from the food.

5. To enhance absorption of nutrients needed to help control diabetes

There are many nutrients and natural herbs beneficial for controlling blood glucose levels, improve insulin sensitivity or protect body cells from the damaging effects of diabetes can cause. Here are some insights about the types of nutrients and herbs and the benefits they provide:

- Alpha lipoic acid: Helps repair damaged cells and lesions of peripheral nerves, improves glucose exchange and increase insulin receptor, improved blood circulation to the legs and hands.

- Fruits of Vietnam blueberries: May help prevent retinopathy and diabetic blindness by strengthening blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

- Zinc: Has been shown to have many benefits for patients with type 2 diabetes due to the antioxidants.

- Seoul wool: Diseases characterized nhantieu sugar have very little antioxidant is important in blood.

If the above methods are not able to control your diabetes, you may refer to all traditional medicinal Title Thirst 100% Elevator extracts from natural herbs from Vietnam have cured diabetes effective for thousands of people.


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