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Sunday, July 19, 2015

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5 warning signs of diabetes rarely pay attention

7:56 PM

Unexplained thirst and hunger are common symptoms of diabetes, but there are other signs that you may be insensitive to ignore.

Here are the symptoms as such.

The change of urine

What would you think if you see the child is present in your toilet? This is a sign that high blood sugar levels. In addition to changes in urine color is a sign of diabetes.


Do you feel fatigue and excessive thirst? Do not blame the hectic schedule your work or lack of sleep. Please go to the doctor immediately to rule out diabetes.


High blood sugar can also lead to frequent cramps. Please consult your doctor if you have frequent leg cramps in a long time.


Not just hungry excessive that even no concept appetite is a sign may indicate diabetes. Failure to appear appetite can make you appetite and lead to weight loss, it is often those who lose weight thinking. Yet signs of diabetes is different from those who lose weight.

Puffy Eyes

Not just a new cocktail party, but your eyes puffy in the morning that high blood sugar can also be the cause. So before diabetes can affect your vision, please test your blood sugar to actively cope if really have diabetes.


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