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Sunday, July 19, 2015

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Tachycardia prone diabetes

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Surveys of nutritional sciences Prof. Xiang Gao at the University of Pennsylvania - USA and his colleagues recently published in the journal International Journal of Epidemiology stated the link between the phenomenon of rapid heartbeat and diabetes risk.

The research team examined the heart rate at rest with the risk of diabetes in 73 375 adults in China.

After 4 years of follow up, the researchers found that there are 17 463 people are considered to be signs of pre-diabetes and 4649 people with diabetes. They noted the rapid heartbeat at risk for diabetes, disorders fasting glucose (a sign of pre-diabetes) and move from prediabetes to diabetes higher than those with normal heartbeat.

Heart palpitations are a sign of risk for pre-diabetes and diabetes (Photo healthtap.com)

Accordingly, every 10 heartbeats per minute increase in the risk of diabetes increased by 23%.

The researchers said their study aimed to reaffirm 7 previous studies involving 97,653 people. A summary of these works shows that the risk of diabetes in people with heart palpitations and 59% higher than the heart beat slower.


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