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Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Cure diabetes by method or Western medicine is good medicine?

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Currently, there are many patients with diabetes are wondering whether to use drugs or Western medicine medicine will prevent diabetes complications and result in the most effective cure. To help diabetic patients choose safe cure for diabetes, the right way, here are the pros and cons of the two treatments on the disease.

According to the world health organization (WHO) in 2025, the world will have 300 million people with diabetes. Which, in Vietnam some people with diabetes are at 4.5 million people.
If the patient does not have diabetes treatments properly disease will lead to serious complications even more ill because of drug effect triggers.
So treat diabetes with medicine or Western medicine is safe and effective?

1. Cure Diabetes by Western medical methods

Cure for diabetes medicine methods or Western medicine is better?
Worldwide, scientists have been researching and inventing medicines for diabetes medicines. Each works to reduce blood sugar, people with different names, including:
Diabetes medicines increases insulin sensitivity: biguanide (metformin); Thiazolidinediones (rosiglitazone, pioglitazone); DPP-IV inhibitors (sitagliptine); isomer of GLP-1 (exenatide) ...

Drugs increase insulin secretion: sulphonylurea (glibenclamide, glipizide, gliclazide, glimepiride); Glinide (netiglinide; repaglinide) ...

Drugs to slow the absorption of glucose / fat from the gut: It inhibits the enzyme alpha-glucosidase powder-sugar (acarbose); Cellulite inhibitors lipase (orlistat).

Finally insulin: rapid acting insulin; short acting insulin; The average insulin; slow-acting insulin; premixed insulin.

Advantages of cure diabetes medicine

- All-diabetic drugs are reduced blood sugar.

- Insulin injections of insulin today is identical to the insulin the pancreas person structure secreting. With modern insulin pens, insulin is very convenient and almost painless. Therefore, patients taking insulin receptive than ever before.


- Some medications when used inappropriately, such as: high dose or skip meals patients, can cause hypoglycemia status - meaning the blood sugar falls below normal levels can lead to loss of consciousness and coma.
- One of the side effects was that of drug allergy. Expression is the ban on skin rashes, swollen eyes and face. These allergies always go back if patients continue to use that drug.
_ Certain medicines to treat diabetes cause digestive disorders: symptoms are bloating, diarrhea as drug Metformin - Glucophage. This side effect also haunts diabetics if the patient has used drugs.
- Side effects when using pharmacy diabetes treatment is the side effects on the liver, kidneys when taking sulphonylurea or DPP-IV inhibitor. Can be easily detected by a simple blood test. These side effects will go away when the medication is discontinued.
Cure for diabetes medicine methods or Western medicine is better?
- In addition, some medications also can cause water retention and negative effects for patients with heart failure. Therefore, Rosiglitazone and Pioglitazone medication is not recommended for patients with impaired cardiac function.
However, most of the side effects of the drug will disappear when discontinued and no sequelae later.

2. The method of treatment for diabetes medicine, why?

As with chronic medical conditions, object to evidence soft target (often referred to as diabetes), treatment principles of traditional medicine derived from whole point. Therapy that is not always take into account and adjust the capacity celiac disease in relation binding and interaction with all other government organs. Using synthetic measures like drug and non-drug, diet, activities, practice Tai Chi Qigong ...


- Methods medicine always manipulate the natural therapies, such as pharmaceutical benign charity (food - medicine), pharmacy tea or method of massage, acupressure, qigong, tai chi ... Principles This opinion is based on "consolidated deva" means humans and nature are unified, people originate from natural, nature-based, with natural development.
- Plants that cure diabetes treatments are simple, easy to make, easy to use, inexpensive and effective at different levels. In particular, medicinal plants are not toxic, no preservatives, medicinal plants helps to reduce the symptoms of diabetes while maintaining the function of other organs in the body.
- Currently, medicinal plants for diabetes by a doctor of Oriental medicine included in a medicinal preparation can all liquid or tablet form gives good results in the treatment of diabetes. For example, all traditional medicinal cure diabetes Elevator Title Thirst of medical therapy clinics An Traditional Pharmacy help prevent diabetic complications, and helps excrete toxins in the pancreas, providing additional nutrients Pancreatic supplements were recovered and returned to normal activities. In particular, this medicine helps patients with type 1 diabetes and insulin dosage reduced type 2 diabetes who are not using insulin.
Therefore, therapies to treat diabetes medicine under safe and does not cause side effects such as using medicines.


- A number of medicinal plants treating diabetes need to pay attention to the dosage used so reasonable.
- Cure Diabetes by any method or take medicine to processing steps before use.
- Time use medicine drug use shorter time as a medicinal chemist (especially aqueous) no chemical preservatives, good storage technologies like medicines.
Thus, through the advantages and disadvantages of the methods of Oriental medicine and Western medicine on drugs each have their benefits and their own drawbacks. Depending on the purpose of treatment to the patient and the therapist have a large selection of appropriate therapies.


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