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Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Diabetes and honey

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Honey is not only a nutritious food, it also cure some diseases. However, with diabetics, honey has to be a drug? In this article we will go to learn about diabetes and honey to better understand this issue.

Diabetes and honey

Naturally, people with diabetes should abstain from eating sweets. But although very sweet honey which is capable of treating diabetes and therefore, with a certain amount of honey can become one of the useful food for patients.
This is for traditional medicine oriental nothing new, because from immemorial it has been known to use honey alone or in combination with other medicinal soft target for prevention, a disease which today we call diabetes.

When honey is beneficial for diabetics?

Findings of the East-West Medicine of honey spread all over the world, the development of peptide - P (aka organic compounds) also rose constantly. This can not but say that this is a blessing for many diabetics. At the same time the medicine was solemnly said, glucose in honey is very easy to absorb for people with diabetes. Fruit sugar in honey is not affected by inulin, effective energy supplement for diabetics. Use the honey fruit experiment is diabetic women showed a clear lowering mortality for them.
Honey and foods derived from honey has the ability to stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin deficiency of the body and supports the positive process of absorption, digestion of nutrients in the body, while enhancing immunity, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect. In short, honey is all diabetes medications is ideal.
For patients with diabetes treated with insulin, honey is used in cases of overdose, leading to hypoglycemia, even coma.
In such cases, drink a little honey would be a timely emergency, rapidly increase the amount of glucose in the blood, helping to limit the serious consequences due to overdosing causes. This is really very simple measures that diabetes patients and family to remember.
Honey does not harm diabetic patients so it is not food contraindicated.
In case you need additional glucose content in the daily diet to keep a balance in diet for patients, can use honey. However, patients should only use a very small amount.
However, it should be recalled that: because the honey has a certain amount of glucose for use in the process should necessarily not be abused and to be very wary of this type of honey "Fake" is produced by ong way to eat sugar or sugar mixture to increase profits.


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