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Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Gestational diabetes

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Diabetes in pregnancy if not detected and treated in time will occur many complications for both mother and child. Learn how to prevent disease is the most simple method to help pregnant women healthy but not good prevention is not sick.

Before pregnancy the mother did not have diabetes, the other with diabetic pregnant mothers were diabetic before pregnancy. The mother during pregnancy due to the increase of the hormones in the body: the placental hormone, progesterone, prolactin ... increases insulin resistance. Along with increased metabolic demands of the body, pregnant women often have hyperinsulinemia.

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes account for about 4% of all pregnancies, is defined as the diabetes cases were detected for the first time during pregnancy (excluded the cases of diabetes have known from before pregnancy). Gestational diabetes has adverse consequences to both the mother and fetus, but often has no symptoms, so do Glucose tolerance test at week 24-28 of pregnancy.
Women who are at high risk of diabetes in pregnancy: People over 25 years old; In families with parents, siblings, grandparents have diabetes, these people need to go earlier screening; People with obstetric pathologies such as preeclampsia, stillbirth, difficult pregnancy, with a history of giving birth to more than 4 kg or polycystic ovary syndrome, patients with obesity before during pregnancy and rapid weight gain during pregnancy; Some women with diseases such as hypertension coordination are also at risk of diabetes.
Gestational diabetes completely without symptoms but when symptoms are very severe and very dangerous to the lives of both mother and baby. So those who have high risk factors need screening earlier in the specialized medical facility.
For prevention, women should have a reasonable diet, need regular health checks, tests for early detection of gestational diabetes early (if any).
Where was the first pregnancy gestational diabetes should be tested before the 24th week and should be independently verified week 30-32 of pregnancy. Before the test three days, the woman applied normal diet, meal of the day 3 finally eat at 20 hours. The morning of June 4th, patients should fast test light to ensure best accuracy.
Maintaining a reasonable diet, ensure adequate starch, vegetables, protein, iron, vitamin ... is a very important issue. Pregnant women should eat small meals more successful. Should regularly monitor closely the glycemic index. Maintaining the practice mode, gently walk about 20-30 minutes after eating one language is a means of helping patients reduce blood sugar
Pregnant women should be aware pregnancy examination and complete management, need counseling and care as well as performing the screening method of the high risk factors for mothers and babies in the hospital specialties and complete with modern equipment. With the current population policy, population quality is important, how the baby was born healthy and free from disease, it needed the consent of the pregnant woman ...


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