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Sunday, July 19, 2015

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Caution with gestational diabetes

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Women who have diabetes during pregnancy are more likely to later develop type 2 diabetes than other women. However, the disease can still be controlled by changing diet and regular physical exercise.

Can cause complications during birth

If the first blood sugar levels are too high in women during pregnancy, are pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes. This condition usually disappears after the birth.

High blood sugar during pregnancy can cause many problems for the health of both mother and fetus. Fetal condition can grow, leading to more complications during childbirth. Babies are born often have low blood sugar levels. But through treatment, most women with gestational diabetes can control the sugar content soatt blood and the baby was born completely healthy.

Women with gestational diabetes are more likely to later develop type 2 diabetes than other women. You can prevent or reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by maintaining a stable body weight, eating foods that are healthful and strengthening physical activity.

Causes of diabetes in pregnancy

The pancreas creates a hormone called insulin. This hormone helps the body to use and maintain blood glucose levels accurately. This process aims to keep sugar levels in your body at a safe level. When you're pregnant, the placenta produces hormones cause difficulties for the operation of insulin in the blood. This condition is called insulin resistance body phenomenon.

The pregnant woman may have diabetes when their pancreas does not make enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels in a safe range.

Recognize signs of illness

Sometimes pregnant women have symptoms related to different types of diabetes, but they do not know, like frequent thirst, frequent urination, increased hunger, blurred vision when looking.
During pregnancy, most women have to urinate more than usual and quickly hungry, so when you have these signs does not mean that you have diabetes. Talk with your doctor in case you have this expression to conduct diabetes testing at any time during pregnancy.


Most pregnant women should conduct confirmatory testing on gestational diabetes between the time from weeks 24-28 of pregnancy. If your doctor says you are more likely to suffer from gestational diabetes, the test may be conducted earlier than specified.

Gestational diabetes can be diagnosed after a blood test twice. In initial tests, blood sugar levels will be checked one hour after you drink a small cup of soda. In cases where blood sugar levels are too high, you should check the amount of glucose three hours later. If this time the blood sugar levels of the body is still on the safe, which means you have diabetes during pregnancy.


Many women with gestational diabetes can control blood sugar levels by changing diet and regular physical exercise. These healthy habits can also help you prevent pregnancy have diabetes and type 2 diabetes later in life.

To treat gestational diabetes, you should check blood sugar levels at home and regular health checks. Maybe you will need to inject additional insulin to help control blood sugar levels. This kind of artificial insulin combined with insulin produced by the body to help maintain blood sugar levels stable and your safety.


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