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Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Signs of diabetes

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Diabetes is a disease involving endocrine metabolic disorders blood glucose does not go to the body's cells when insulin deficiency or reduced impact on the body. Manifested by increased blood sugar levels are high. Signs of diabetes patients initially feel thirsty and urinate constantly, urination at night.

Diabetes is the main cause leading to coronary heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, impotence ... If not detected early and treated promptly, it vulnerable to diabetes complications . So how to recognize the warning signs of diabetes.

Body fatigue, difficult to focus on the job is one of the signs of diabetes

How to recognize the signs of diabetes

Feeling constantly thirsty: This is one of the signs of diabetes that you visible. Patients with diabetes have high blood sugar levels, which overwhelms the ability of the kidneys to retain the filtered blood sugar to form urine. A large amount of urine is formed when the kidneys are filled with sugar. The body tries to counteract this phenomenon by sending a signal to the brain to dilute the blood by feeling thirsty, requires putting into the body more water to dilute the concentration of blood sugar is high or to normal levels, and to compensate for the water lost by excessive urination.
Frequent urination: Signs of diabetes followed by frequent urination phenomenon. Here's how to help the body get rid of excess sugar is to excrete it in the urine. Manifestations of diabetes will cause the body to dehydration because the body excrete it will carry a large amount of water comes out along with it.
New mother feels when you have diabetes, the body is inefficient and sometimes unable to use glucose for energy anymore. Therefore, the body must turn to fat, partially or completely, to generate energy. This process requires the body to use more energy and the end result is the patient will feel tired often. This is one of the signs that you are suffering from diabetes.
Rapid weight loss in a short time without known cause: Unexplained weight loss is a hallmark of diabetes. Patients with diabetes are unable to process the calories in the foods they eat to lose weight even though they eat enough or even eat much. Sugar and water loss through urine is also a contributing factor in this weight loss.
Eat fast food much the same feeling: This is one of the basic signs show that you have contracted diabetes. If the body is still capable, it will secrete more insulin to deal with the condition of elevated blood sugar levels. Moreover, the body becomes resistant to the action of insulin in type 2 diabetes mellitus One of the functions of insulin is to stimulate hunger. Therefore, high insulin levels in the body leads to increased hunger and want to eat. Despite the increase in calories entering the body, patients can only gain very little weight or even lose weight.
Wound healing: Signs of subsequent diabetes is very difficult to heal wounds caused by high blood sugar levels prevent normal operation leukocytes (white blood cells that play a critical role in organizational power to protect the body against bacteria and it also cleans the cell and tissue death). When leukemia unusual activity, the wound healing becomes more and more frequent infections. In addition, diabetes also cause other prolonged thickening of blood vessels obstruct blood cells containing oxygen and nutrients to feed the body's tissues.
Infections: Certain infection syndromes, such as genital yeast infections, skin infections, urinary tract infections because the immune system has been suppressed by diabetes and by the presence of glucose in tissue (help vi bacteria thrive). It is also the indicator indicates an glycemic control in patients with diabetes.
Changes in mental state: The signs of diabetes such as anxiety, irritability unprovoked, distracted, asleep, or confusion can all be signs of high blood sugar, infection ketones acid syndrome, increased osmotic pressure, or hypoglycemia. Therefore, when you see any of the above expression in patients with diabetes, need emergency phone call to get a doctor's intervention.
Blurred vision: Signs of diabetes are not specific for diabetes but also often occurs when high blood sugar levels.


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