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Friday, July 17, 2015

Gestational diabetes and what you need to know

8:12 AM

Gestational diabetes is a common problem during pregnancy of the woman and it is becoming a major concern for health problems during pregnancy. Although gestational diabetes did not affect maternal health, but if women are not adequately treated, the risk of experiencing pregnancy complications are dangerous.

Gestational diabetes and what you need to know

Situations of concern in most countries and even Vietnam proportion of women with gestational diabetes is increasing that while awareness of the sisters of this disease is very low. Therefore, within this article we will help you understand the depth of gestational diabetes to how to prevent and care for their health if unfortunately suffering from diabetes during pregnancy period .

What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes, also known as gestational diabetes - gestational diabetes is a common disease in women during pregnancy (previously infected mothers not) because the body can not produce more insulin to meet the needs of pregnancy. Gestational diabetes goes away after the birth.

Why birth gestational diabetes?

Many moms wonder that previously I did not have diabetes when pregnant, but why am I suffering from gestational diabetes is how? Let's explain gestational diabetes as follows:
When a pregnant woman will have a large variation in hormone in the mother's body, the pancreas can not make enough insulin to convert sugar. Between 3 months of pregnancy, the placenta begins to secrete large amounts of hormones capable of creating a state of insulin resistance, which reduces efficiency regulates the levels of insulin and blood sugar as a result, glucose levels increasing the mother's blood, to a certain extent, the gestational diabetes occurs.

Risk factors leading to gestational diabetes

Overweight is a major risk factor for pregnant women because the women eating too much too fast causing weight gain in the first months increased the risk of gestational diabetes.
Sometimes, pregnancy is not a disease caused by a pre-existing disease and only at initial diagnosis do some exploration for pregnant women.
Also, some risk factors of this disease are: Each diabetic pregnancy or have had stillbirths or overweight child (over 4kg or 4,5kg); in families with people with diabetes; pregnancy on maternal age 30; obese or overweight, body mass index 25-30; some susceptible race. However, even women who are not eligible could also become ill.

Detect gestational diabetes

The women have risk factors should be tested immediately ... from the first time antenatal care by measuring blood glucose levels in a fasting aimed at early treatment, avoid complications. If there is a positive result or doubt, need to see a physician in endocrinology to be monitored and treated.
No exposure to pregnancy risk, it is essential to early diagnosis right from the start of pregnancy, therefore, all pregnant women, although no risk factors are also looking for sugar in the urine or blood sugar levels as directed by your physician.

Gestational diabetes complications have dangerous?

Typically, the complications of gestational diabetes are rarely serious, so the death cycle (around the tongue) very low. However, if not detected and treated early, there are many risks and complications for mother and fetus.
Mom: There is a risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and facing the possibility the disease will turn into permanent diabetes ... Next is likely to have complications such as preeclampsia, preterm labor, cesarean. If maternal obesity is associated with increased risk of fetal heart defects.
With pregnancy: the fetus suffered significant complications such as nerve or heart malformations, fetal risk is too big (makes childbirth difficult), but not strong, so the young people call it "feet of clay giant" premature ... In addition, long-term complications with children is overweight increases the risk of obesity and diabetes later in life.

Is there a way to prevent pregnancy diabetes?

When pregnancy is inevitable metabolic abnormalities but could limit the risk of disease even before pregnancy by practicing a healthy lifestyle:
Campaign daily diet ... Eating sugar balance does not cause diabetes but a diet too sweet, too much fat and / or sweet snacks are always coupled with stagnant lifestyle easily cause weight gain above normal and the things that are favorable factors for pathogenesis.

Treatment for gestational diabetes

Treatment for gestational diabetes effectively is to keep blood sugar levels do not fluctuate and are good ways to prevent complications. In most cases, just practice a diet with physician instructions. If treated appropriately, can reduce up to 50% of children born heavyweight and infant complications. Postpartum should be closely monitored: Need to check blood sugar levels after 6 weeks.


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