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Friday, July 17, 2015

Use Methi county cure diabetes

8:07 AM

Counties methi not cure diabetes? Diabetes is a disease of the endocrine disorder of blood sugar metabolism when the body is deficient insulin or the body reduced response to insulin action have been unable to transport glucose in the blood goes to the cells, leading to blood sugar will rise and diabetes born. Within the scope of this article let's learn about the use of methi seed treatment in curing diabetes.

Composition of methi seed diabetes cure

  • 45-60% carbohydrates, mainly mucilaginous fiber (galactomannans)
  • 20-30% higher in lysine and tryptophan protein
  • 5-10% fixed oils (lipids); pryridine principal alkaloid Trigonelline (0.2 to 0.36%), choline (0.5%), gentianine, and carpaine
  • Flavonoids (apigenin, luteolin, orientin, quercetin, vitexin, and isovitexin)
  • The amino acid free radicals (4-hydroxyisoleucine [0.09%], histidine, arginine, and lysine)
  • Calcium and iron
  • Saponins (0.6 to 1.7%)
  • Glycosides form hydrolyzing steroid sapogenins (diosgenin, yamogenin, tigogenin, neotigogenin)
  • Sitosterol, vitamin A, B1, C and nicotinic acid
  • 0.015% volatile oil (n-alkanes and sesquiterpenes).

Methi county cure diabetes like?

The World Health Organization also recognizes the active ingredient in not only methi seed hypoglycemia in people with type 2 diabetes but also reduce symptoms such as fatigue, thirst, frequent urination, weakness and weight loss.
In methi seed containing 4-hydroxy-amino acids isoleucine stimulate insulin secretion thus help control blood sugar, in addition to many galactomannan help slow the rate of absorption into the blood sugar. Thus recognized methi seed is useful for patients with diabetes both type.
In addition to the above two substances, methi seed as vitamins and microelements minerals help strengthen the immune system and increase the body's resistance, help replenish nutrients, antioxidants cell. In addition, there is galactomannan natural soluble fiber helps prevent the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, improve circulation and reduce blood cholesterol.

The mechanism of action of methi seed diabetes cure

- First methi seed for diabetes may slow the absorption of carbon.
- Secondly, methi seed for diabetes can affect inhibits glucose transport process.
- Impact of important final and cure diabetes methi seed is that it helps delay the process empty stomach.
One effect of diabetes treatment Methi county is increasing the number of insulin receptors in red blood cells on the other hand it cau.Va help your peripheral tissues may be used for glucose.

Methi seed using diabetes cure

- Use a powder: drink twice a day, each time a small scoop (approximately 5g teaspoon type) air-particle powder in water or milk.
- Use granules were roasted for flavor profile: chew day twice, once two small spoon.
- Use a granular soaking: take 1-2 tablespoons per night unroasted nuts soak in a cup of cold water to drink up all the water in the morning mug and swallowing can always correct.
- Cooked chicken soup like porridge for breakfast is also very good.


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